The 21st century has brought unprecedented challenges for Islam and Muslims. On one end, there is a concerted effort by vested interests, to create and present a vile and ominous image of Islam to the world. While on the other end, Muslims themselves have sunken into a deep spiritual lassitude where by they have lost track of even the fundamental attributes of their faith.

At Dar-ul-Hikmat International it is our endeavor to introduce the real Islamic teachings and principles to the world. One such effort is the recent release of audio recording of the sayings of Muhammad (PBUH), the Last Prophet of Allah. Dazed in today’s scientific revolution and luxury and reduced to mere automations, most people don’t have time for in-depth study of Islam. With this background in mind, we have used audio CD and cassette format which can be utilized both on the road and during leisure time at home or office. This audio collection contains the translation of the original text with references. Furthermore, utmost care has been exercised to select only sound and authentic Ahadith which are validated by the Ijm’a of the Ummah. Explanations have intentionally been omitted to minimize personal influences. The eloquent words of the Prophet (PBUH) need no explanations.  

In the near future we plan to make more audio CDs on Ahadith in Urdu & English besides other common languages like Chinese, French, German & Latin. It’s a long project but with Allah's help we will inshAllah succeed in bringing the messages of the Prophet (PBUH) to all the people in this world.

We are indebted to our friend Dr. Waqas Ahmed, Cardiologist, who despite his extremely busy schedule gave time in selecting the Ahadith, arranging the sequence and then narrating them for recording. May Allah bless him. We are also indebted to Dr. Habibur Rehman Asim, a scholar of Islam, who very kindly helped in the selection process and also narrated. We could have hired professional narrators but we decided against it required narration be people who have a deep leaning towards Islam and so narrated from their hearts not from their tongues alone. We were lucky to get excellent support from Hi-Vision Studio in Islamabad specially Mr. Atif Chaudhry and Mr. Asif Qazi who most graciously did all the recording free of cost. The guidance of Mr. Sultan Muhammad Bashir-ud-Din Mahmood helped us a lot during this project especially in selecting and editing the Ahadith.

May Allah keep us all on the right path and guide us to Heaven. Amen.

The first set of two CDs was released on 21st January 2007. These are available in the market and they can be freely down loaded from the links below.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Muamallat Aur Huqooq-al-Ibaad (Daily Life & Rights of other People)
  3. Namaz (Prayers)
  4. Namaz ke Liye Saff Bandi (Lining up for Prayers)
  5. Wudhu aur Taharat (Ablution & Purity)
  6. Aazan (Call to Prayers)
  7. Ramazan aur Nafli Rozay (Fasting)
  8. Hajj
  9. Zakat
  10. Jihad
  11. Adaab (Manners)
  12. Aakhirat (Doomsday)
  13. Ikhlakiat (Manners & Morals)
  14. Ilm (Knowledge) 
  15. Itibae-Rasool (Following the Prophet PBUH)
  16. Spending in Allah's Way
  17. Bimaree Aur Maut (Illness & Death)
  18. Geebat (Back Biting)
  19. Dorukhay Shakhs Ka Biyan (Double Sided Personality)
  20. Aamaal ke Haqeeqat (Value of Good Deeds)
  21. Sabar (Tolerance)
  22. Libas Aur Hijab (Dress & Posterity)
  23. Taqat Aur Mansab Ki Khawhish (Power & Position)
  24. Zikr (Rememberance of Allah)
  25. Mutafariq Hadiths (Miscellaneous Ahadith)
  26. Dua (Prayer)
  27. Ending


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