Dar-ul-Hikmat International is a non-sectarian, non-political, voluntary body which seeks to promote Islamic values through publication and research into scientific and social subjects of immediate importance to our times besides undertaking social welfare projects related to education (primary & secondary level), health (health awareness / maternal & child health) and poverty alleviation (skill enhancement & development of cottage industry).

Dar-ul-Hikmat is based upon the conviction that the Holy Qur'an is the word of Allah in its purest form, remaining exactly as it was when revealed to the last of His Prophets, Muhammad, may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him.

Membership of the Foundation is open to all who share objective of increasing and disseminating the knowledge of the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah of the last of the Prophets (peace be upon him) throughout the world without any sectarian discrimination.

We promote Muslim unity and tolerance not just among the various sects of Islam but the world as a whole with the belief that all religions in one way or another are manifestation of the oneness of the Master Creator. It is our strong desire and dream that Muslims from all across the world should be united be they Sunnis, Wahabis or Shias. All humans are one. To preserve the nation of Islam founded by the the Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and to defeat the nefarious designs of the evil forces who are bent upon destroying the social values and peace of this world love and unity of the human race is the only way out and that is possible if the world understands what the real Islam is. Unfortunately in the 21st century Islam is portrayed as a religion of hatred and terror where as its is exactly the opposite to it. It is the religion of peace, love and respect for everyone.

The main aims and objectives of Dar-ul-Hikmat are:

  • To propagate Qur'anic values in the world through correspondence to promote the ‘awareness of Islam’ by developing channels of communication with interested individuals in all countries, whether Muslim or not.

  • To engage scholars to produce literature from a viewpoint at once scientific and Islamic.

  • To translate Islamic literature into major world languages, and to distribute this literature internationally.

  • To build an international communication network, libraries and printing facilities so that  Muslim scholars and intellectuals everywhere in the world can pool their resources.

  • To introduce and establish the Qur'anic Education System (QUEST) to bring spiritual and scientific education together under the same roof, and thus to raise balanced and strong personalities capable of leading the Muslim world from its present predicament. To develop suitable curricula, literature books, and teaching aids and Teacher’s Training Workshops for QUEST.

  • To establish an interest-free Islamic Economic System following the principles of economic justice practiced by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), not only to finance Dar-ul-Hikmat International activities but also to provide an example to the Muslim world, currently suffering the effects of both capitalism and socialism.

  • To establish an international registry of Muslim experts to pool their expertise and resources in the service of the Ummah.



Everyone is welcome to join Dar-ul-Hikmat by becoming its member or patron. Working together, we can accomplish great things. You know better than us what your own strengths and aptitudes are.

If you know something about education, why not contribute ideas to the teams working on developing QUEST textbooks and classroom aids. If finance is your forte, get in touch with our Islamic Economic System think-tank. Are you a budding writer? So draft an article, or a pamphlet for publication. We will distribute it. Write a letter, for instance, to a Frenchman concerning life and death. A great organizer? Then arrange a seminar, a public meeting or a lecture. Why not setup a study center in your own home?


We manage ourselves through the sale of books as we beleive in self sustainability. However sometimes for starting new projects or ventures that are beyond our financial limits we accept donations also.