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  1. Talash-e-Haqiqat (In Search of Reality)

    Talash-e-Haqiqat (In Search of Reality)


    We all are in search of ultimate truth. That’s what author of this book has traced in straight forward scientific style our journey to achieve it. Everyone, with basic education can grasp the most hidden secrets of life from this short book. What is this universe, its start and its end? What is the role of human being in this cosmic play. What is destiny and what is our power and limitation. How to appreciate the glory and power of Allah (SWT). Reality of time and space, life in “BURZUKH”, “ARSH”, paradise and hell and their existence. To get the knowledge of these realities is essential in this age of turmoil. It gives spiritual satisfaction and clears many misunderstandings. Learn More
  2. Doomsday and Life after Death

    Doomsday and Life after Death


    This book covers the major happenings in this universe from start to finish. It covers the difficult topics like, life, death and resurrection, body, mind, Nafs, soul, angels, Hinn world of grave and Burzikh, Qiyyamat, Day of Judgment, paradise and hell, in descriptive way. This book based on Author’s 20 years research work from Holy Quran, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teachings and his life and the latest work of science. Thousand of readers expressed their opinion that this book is an analytical, comprehensive explanation of our incoming life and the human journey through time and space and eternity. This is an essential guide for those who wish to understand life and death and to enter successfully in the next phase of life after our temporal death Learn More
  3. Kitab-e-Zindagi (Book of life)

    Kitab-e-Zindagi (Book of life)


    This is very comprehensive and scientific explanation of the three Surah, which was much appreciated by Ulemah of all sections. Sultan Bashir Mahmood tried to give fresh meanings with references. To new scientific Discoveries and made it easier to understand the everlasting divine words. Difficult facts were narrated in a simple way to satisfy the modern inquisitive minds. Learn More
  4. Ma’wara: (Physcial and Meta-Physical Nature of Human Being)

    Ma’wara: (Physcial and Meta-Physical Nature of Human Being)


    This is a remarkable research work presented in a unique book about life, Death and Re-creation in the next world. Question like, what is “Ruh” (Soul)? What is the Difference between body, life, Ruh & Nafs ? What is the Reality of life of death? What do we do for our Spiritual progress and get closer to Allah’s (Swt) mercy? What are Hidden creatures, like angels, Jinn and Ghost? Very difficult questions and answers in a professional manner in the light of Quran, Hadith and latest Scientific research. Learn More



    In the light of the contemporary scientific knowledge and problems, this book is the translation and scientific interpretation of the last 41 Surhs of the Holy Quran, from Al-Muddathir to An-Naas. It is a truly unique book to understand the message of the Divine Revelation, and enhance faith in Allah Subhana - Hu, reality of the Doomsday and state of Life after Death Learn More



    This book provides Irrefutable evidence of nature about the Ultimate Reality of Allah; and helps to build faith in Him. The Scientific and Mathematical challenges of the Holy Quran mentioned in this book are simply mind boggling, in the face of which every right minded person cannot but accept it as the true Revelation from the Creator of the worlds; and Islam as the Universal Religion for all mankind. Learn More
  7.  Islam ka Hamager Nizam-e-Sehat aur Fitri tareeka-e-Elaaj (Comprehensive Health System of Islam and Natural Herbal way of Cure

    Islam ka Hamager Nizam-e-Sehat aur Fitri tareeka-e-Elaaj (Comprehensive Health System of Islam and Natural Herbal way of Cure


    The idea is that you may not get sick. But if you get a disease than treat it with essential, simple, natural herbs and help from Allah (Swt) . Islamic Health system is based on our Prophet’s (PBUH) teachings of body care and diet control, Haram and Halal food, and the age-old authentic natural remedies used by our experts in herbal medicine. This way of medical treatment is natural, safe, un-expensive, effective, and free from harmful side effects. It covers all the known diseases and how to cure. An essential book for every household and health care for every body. Learn More
  8. Al-Naba ul Azeem

    Al-Naba ul Azeem


    Every one of us is curious, when “Qiyyamat” (End of this universe) will come? However, this is a secret with Allah (Swt) and nobody can accurately predict it. Ofcourse, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has pointed out its signs forehand and various incidents at the time of Qiyyammat. About 80% of those signs had passed. Accordingly, an inquisitive person can guess about it, in the light of Quran and our prophet (PBUH) sayings. This short book is a remarkable research work, which proved that Qiyyamat is quite close and how do we change ourselves. Learn More
  9. Al Fozul Azeem (Sofiyya & Sofism)

    Al Fozul Azeem (Sofiyya & Sofism)


    How do we become friends (wali) of Allah (Swt)? What is ultimate form of success? Author of this book has explained in a novel scientific fashion the Islamic Sufism (Tassawaf) in the light of Quran & Haddit. For example, what should be our priorities for success in this life and the life hereafter? This is a unique book to know the real Sufism and it tries to prepare you for your next journey to Qabar (Grave). Learn More
  10. Pooja Paat Nahi Aakiumsllah  (Not Ritual But Establish “Namaz”)

    Pooja Paat Nahi Aakiumsllah (Not Ritual But Establish “Namaz”)


    Why our Namaz is ineffective and our prayers are un-heard? This book fully explains and gives answer of this question. It also tells how to achieve the Spiritual heights from our “Namaz” and blessings of both worlds. Learn More

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